Budget Meals

Saving money is kind of my thing, especially when creating budget friendly meals. Don’t think just because you’re making budget meals, you have to skimp of flavor and ingredients, you’re going to be eating like a king for pennies of the dollar with my budget meal ideas. May of my recipes for a budget come in the form of meal prep because who doesn’t want more for less!? So enjoy my meals on a budget and let me know if you have any special request for budget meal ideas.

Budget Meal Planning

What’s better than budget meal ideas…budget meal prep recipes that last for 5 days!  These meal prep of a budget recipes stretch your dollar as far as possible, are healthy, and tasty AF. My site has lots of meal prep budget recipes along with videos(for free of course), so you can be a budget meals master. Make sure to check out this 5 Ingredient Chicken Meal Prep that only cost a few bucks per serving.


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